Updates on Bearskin Lodge and USFS campground plans


Summer thoughts for our Bearskin Guests:

First of all, we hope you are all safe, healthy, and doing the right things to help us all get through these unprecedented times. At Bearskin we are all fine so far, just working together (at a safe distance, of course!) in our Bearskin bubble to prepare for a re-imagined version of a 2020 summer season.

Cook County has locked down impressively. Our grocery stores and most other essential businesses are “order only, curbside delivery” and the community is working together in a beautiful way. Our tiny Cook County Hospital has very limited facilities and our nearest major hospital is 2.5 hours away in Duluth. We live and work on a small enough scale up here that everyone understands that we rise and fall together.

So what will happen this summer? We re-opened on May 18, after Governor Walz cancelled the “stay at home” orders and after the Cook County community was better prepared for more visitors.

Our summer protocols will be temporarily different for 2020. Read the details here. We’ll still help you find lots of great, socially-isolated activities to keep you  and your family happily busy. Perhaps this is a summer for more hikes and longer fishing excursions. We will strive to keep you safe in our secluded Northwoods haven, as well as to keep our staff healthy.  Everything you ever wanted to know (and then some!) about our Covid-19 plan can be found here.

It is very important that you read through our Covid-19 information before you make a reservation.  We are counting on our guests to help us stay safe and stay open this summer.  If you do not believe that the Covid virus is a concern, and will not abide by social distancing or disinfecting protocols, we think you will be happier going elsewhere in 2020. In addition, we encourage you to read through the Cook County Visitor Pledge.  Every business in Cook County is hoping you’ll help them to stay healthy and open, just like we are.

We’re getting many questions about the East Bearskin Lake Campground. There are no answers yet. The United States Forest Service  will decide about the campground, not us. As of this date, the campground is closed until at least June 1 — it could be longer.  No decision has been made by the USFS for the rest of summer. So far, the campgrounds have done whatever Gov. Walz recommends. This closure includes the camper cabins/bunkhouses, and is out of our control. The USFS handles the monetary transactions, so we have no part in disbursing money for cancelled dates.

For both the resort and the USFS campground, we will just have to wait and watch to see what happens, just like we all have to do in every aspect of life at the moment.  We miss our guests!  Email us (stay@bearskin.com) and tell us how you are doing. We genuinely want to know. Stay safe, and let’s hope we will all be back together in this beautiful Northwoods paradise soon.

We will all have a story to tell after 2020.  Your Bearskin memories from this summer will be different from past years, but we hope you can make unique memories this year that will be a pleasant part of your own narrative of the summer of 2020. 

May you be well,

The McCloughan Family/Bearskin Lodge


P.S. — So many guests have asked how Bearskin, our family, and staff are doing. Thank you. We are grateful for your concerns. Besides thinking and talking about how we will manage this summer EVERY DARN MINUTE, all of us are faring well. We ate a lot of Derek’s truffle cake to get through the tough days. You don’t need to be worried about the future of Bearskin Lodge. No matter what happens this summer, Bearskin has been well-run and is financially just fine. We will still be here in 2021, and for decades to come. But again, thank you so much for thinking about us. We feel the love, and appreciate it.