Grooming our ski trails — creating a perfect wilderness ski experience

The Central Gunflint Ski Trail System is a joint project of Bearskin Lodge and Golden Eagle Lodge. We work together to maintain the trail system; each resort grooms and maintains about half of the entire system. We all take pride in the high quality of our trail grooming. Both of our families are life-long cross country skiers.  We understand that great grooming is what makes great skiing possible.

If you’re staying at either resort, you and all members of your group receive trail passes for free.  There’s nothing quite like stepping out your cabin door to start your skiing for the day.  If you’re not staying here, day and season passes can be purchased at both resorts.

You can find maps and info about the trails on the Bearskin Lodge Trail blog.  We update it regularly with grooming reports and news about the trail system.


Bearskin grooms with a new Pisten Bully 100, which sets an 11 foot wide skate deck with beautiful corduroy for skate skiers and straight, firm tracks for the classic skier. This machine has cutting edge, 21st-century tilling technology, which makes it easy to create excellent cross-country skiing no matter what conditions Mother Nature throws at us. With this new machine, it’s easy to freshen up the snow and to recover from icy conditions.


A small section of our ski trail system is within the BWCAW.  Regulations prohibit the Pisten Bully from entering the BWCAW, but we achieve excellent results in that section with the much smaller Tidd-Tech G2 groomer. It’s also handy for quickly erasing those pesky moose tracks that may suddenly appear on freshly groomed trails.

We do winter well at Bearskin.  Come up soon and enjoy all that winter has to offer.


Grooming Testimonials


—  “I was lucky to be at Bearskin with a group of expert skiers.  As a novice, I found the trails well-groomed and accessible, an excellent place for practicing a new skill.”  Diana, 3/10/2018

—  “We went out on Poplar Creek Trail.  It was beautiful, our favorite trail so far. A perfect week. Beautiful, well-groomed trails.” Elisabeth, 3/10/2018

—  “Perfect grooming. New snow! Best ski of the year.”   Raia, 2/22/2018

— “Wonderful trails today!  Fresh snow, freshly groomed –nothing better!  We skied Bear Cub with two 10 year olds and an 11 year old.  What a treat for all.”   Ron, 2/19/2018

—  “Cross country skiing on perfectly groomed trails, amid drop-dead gorgeous scenery — what could be better? Bearskin is simply the best.”  Karen, 2/16/2018

—  “We have been coming to Bearskin with our children for many years and are now coming with our grandchildren as well. Bearskin has always lived up to our expectations. Trails are beautifully groomed. Staff is always warm, kind and accommodating.  It is a wonderful experience.” Jean, 2/16/2018

—  “The trails were wide and beautifully groomed.  The grooming was the best I have ever experienced on a ski trail.  Well worth the trip to come up here for a ski weekend.”  2/2018

—  “The grooming is the best in the state consistently.  We hated to go home. We will be back soon!  The beautiful scenery, the fantastic snow and the always excellent grooming, plus the very nice people, make this our favorite place in Minnesota to Nordic ski, classic and freestyle.  Thank you so much!”   Bob, 2/17/2018

—  “Impeccable grooming though the season — a skier’s dream.  Bearskin grooming this winter set a new standard for ski trails.”  Tom & Nancy, 3/20/2016

—  “My wife and I started cross country skiing in 1977, and since then skied all over the Upper Midwest and made trips to Lake Placid and Vermont.  The past 4 days at Bearskin Lodge have been the best 4 days of skiing that we ever had.  The snow on the pine trees, the immaculate grooming, the trails themselves, the hot tub, the solitude, and the overall beauty simply can’t be beat”.  Tom, 1/29/2016