Fall color trips to Bearskin Lodge


Fall is one of the best times to travel to  the Gunflint Trail.  It’s a very quiet time of year here.

We have a long, extended  color season in NE Minnesota due to the various climate zones. The climate is warmer near Lake Superior, so the leaves along the North Shore change later; as you gain altitude driving up the Gunflint Trail to Bearskin, cooler temps create earlier fall color changes.

Color usually peaks during the last week of September on East Bearskin Lake, but the color begins to change  in spots along the Gunflint Trail almost as soon as September starts. On the Minnesota map above, Bearskin is located near the top of Zone 2.  No matter where you’re starting from, the drive all the way  to Bearskin will offer a variety of vibrant foliage for most of the fall season.

Colorful leaves usually remain on the trees well into October up here, until the day we get a major windstorm.  After the leafy trees have lost their color, our tamaracks are still displaying vivid shades of orange and yellow for much of the fall.

Once the leaves are gone from the trees, some of the best days of fall begin. This is when the wildlife viewing is at its best, because you can see into the woods a bit more.  Moose are very active and much more visible.  Grouse are everywhere. It’s easier to hear a wolf howl.  And as the leaves fall from the trees, the better visibility of the night sky to the north means that if the Aurora Borealis is active, there are more opportunities to snap a northern lights photo. (We always post updates in the Main Lodge about impending Aurora activity, so we’ll let you know if you should be out late with your camera.)

Fall usually becomes winter sometime in November, but we never really know for sure.  We have experienced November with 20 inches of snow and November when the temperatures felt more like early October.  Anything is possible.

Dreaming of a fall getaway?  Call us at (800) 338-4170 or email: stay@bearskin.com