Employment Opportunities at Bearskin Lodge


Bearskin Lodge is the premier family resort located on the famous Gunflint Trail, about 26 miles from the town of Grand Marais, MN. We are on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Right outside our door are a million and a half acres of pristine lakes and rivers. Our facilities are the best available.

It takes much hard work by dedicated staff to maintain the quality of service our guests have come to expect. If you are interested in joining the Bearskin staff, we would like to hear from you! Fill out our job application and forward it to us. The application is found linked to this page at the bottom.

Click here to get an application in PDF format (print to fill out by hand, or depending on your computer system, you may be able to fill this ouline.

Click here to get an application in DOC format (fill out on computer — if formatting changes, don’t worry about that).

Important!  Before applying please click here to read this information page.  Not everyone will be happy working at Bearskin.  See if you’re well-suited to living here before you apply. 


Summer – Fall 2019

Immediate employment or fall employment available for 2019. Full or part-time, your choice.

When:  Work a few weeks in August, or work this fall, or stay for the long-run.

The job:  Housekeeping, front desk, all-purpose resort employee. Fun job with great variety and enjoyable young co-workers:  All purpose resort employee who can welcome guests at the front desk; respond to e-mails with excellent language skills; communicate with guests over the phone; take reservations for cabins and canoes; and help with housekeeping on a regular basis. Our meticulously clean cabins are what allows us to live in this beautiful place, so we all pitch in with housekeeping. Work a few weeks to get us through the rush, or join us for all of fall season. Or, if you love us and we love you, become part of Bearskin’s full-time staff.  Small, one-person, lakeside apartment available for a very small charge.

Job requirements:  get along well with other employees, detail-oriented, organized, energetic, hard-working, self-directed, with excellent verbal and written communication skills. Willingness to pitch in and do all jobs needed.  You will represent Bearskin, a high-end resort that serves a friendly, educated, primarily Minnesota-nice clientele. They love to get to know our staff and connect with them.  Good recommendations needed.

What it is like to be on our staff:  We hire a few seasonal and short-term employees, but most of our staff tends to be happy here and they stay with us. We’re pretty kind to our staff, as we know they are what makes our business possible. Our staff members get along, and are drama-free–to us, your ability to pitch in and work, to enjoy living in the middle of nowhere, and to get along with our other staff means more than skills.  Non-smoking housing, no tolerance for drugs.  Live healthy here. No dogs, please.  Well-trained cats are common in our staff housing.

How to apply: If you think you’d be a good match for Bearskin, first read this page.  Then fill out our application(PDF)  or application (DOC). Be sure to include references who can be reached. We will call or e-mail them before we hire you. A good cover letter explaining your interest in Bearskin employment helps set your application apart — tell us more about yourself.  Email to sue@bearskin.com 


Future needs:

Maintenance position: full-time, permanent position possible, with on-site, lakeside, individual apartment housing. Most likely hiring winter, 2019-2020

All-purpose resort employee, with an emphasis on resort maintenance skills  — in the summer do simple repairs, mowing and trimming, boat and vehicle maintenance, campground duties, and in the winter, plowing and snow removal tasks. All Bearskin employees also help with housekeeping and front desk, so good interpersonal skills with guests and with fellow employees are important.  Job requires a great deal of lifting,and lots of movement. The lifting and activity level makes this best suited to individuals strong enough to deal with heavy items without injuries or back problems.  Ideal employee will enjoy systematically organizing work areas, as our shop area is currently in need of organizational attention.

Housing in a small, one-person apartment is available.  Benefits may be offered after full-time permanent status is achieved. No dogs. Cats by prior approval only.  Goldfish welcome.





Living and working here

We offer lakeside housing with a BWCAW lake view that would be the envy of many in Cook County.  This is a healthy, non-smoking environment that is ideal for people who get along well with others, who like working hard, and who can find joy in living and working in a remote wilderness location. Funny hours, working on some holidays, vacation times only in the quiet season — these may all be part of a Bearskin job, so if your dream job is 9-5 M-F, then this isn’t it. Salary negotiable, but we pay proven employees very fairly.  If this sounds like where you want to be, contact sue@bearskin.com


General info:

All of our summer employees are cross-trained in numerous areas — you will probably work at the front desk, answer phones, help with canoe trips, advise tourists on good hiking destinations and because all of us do this all the time, help clean cabins. Clean cabins are how we all get to enjoy this life on the edge of the BWCAW!   Some of our employees need to be able to lift canoes, mow and trim lawns, stack wood, and clean up at the campground.

It is important when you apply that you provide us with accurate ending dates for your summer availability.  If you will be returning to college after the summer, please check your college’s 2020 calendar before you apply.  We don’t hire “extra” people like larger resorts often do, planning that a certain percentage of employees will quit or get fired. We truly intend to keep you all summer if you are hired here.  We choose our staff based on employing the correct number of people to get us through the season, so ending dates are very important.  Choosing to leave Bearskin earlier than your contractual end date leaves your co-workers and employers overworked and unhappy. Please decide on the right end date from the time you apply.

If you think you’d be a good match for Bearskin, fill out the application(PDF)  or application (DOC) linked to this page. Be sure to include references. We will call or e-mail them before we hire you. A good cover letter explaining your interest in Bearskin employment helps set your application apart — tell us more about yourself.

We try to do in-person interviews, but in case we can’t meet with you, it always helps if a picture is included with your application.  It may be the only way we “meet” before you apply. If you have the capability to do a Skype or Facetime video interview, please let us know in your cover letter.

We pay an hourly wage, not a set “per month” salary.  We adhere to fair employment practices.  You will not be asked to work a large number of unexpected hours, and if circumstances require many more hours, you will be paid well for your extra time.


Before applying please read this page >