Dinner Reservations

Welcome to our dining reservation page.  

Our nice high tech dining reservation form has quit working correctly.  Meanwhile, low tech works just as well.   Call us for Wednesday or Saturday reservations at 800-338-4170 or 218-288-2292, or email us at stay@bearskin.com

The information we will need to know for your reservation will be:

1. Name on your reservation.

2. Number of people.

3. Dining date (very important and often forgetten!)

4. Dining time  — 6:00, 6:15, 6:30

5. Menu choices from the online menu (If the menu for your date  is not out yet, send your reservation without the choices.  We’ll e-mail you later to get your options.)

6.  Any special dietary needs.

7.  If you will be staying at Bearskin.  If you’ll be staying elsewhere, we need a phone number or general info for where we could reach you ahead of time as well as on the dining date. Stuff happens out here on the edge of the wilderness.  Make sure we can find you when it does.