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Dining at Bearskin Lodge

Winter Dining Info  2016 

Fine Dining

A cold winter’s night calls for a long, lingering meal to while away the evening hours. Bearskin Lodge welcomes James Marshall as our chef this February and March, while Chef Scott Bergstrom bikes across New Zealand. 

James Marshall is an Executive Chef who now runs a well-known local catering business with his wife, Christina Marshall, here on the North Shore. James is a 3rd generation classically French trained Chef who has worked his way across the country learning from and even leaving his mark on many restaurants. James has brought his love for tasty, approachable and fun food here to the North Shore. James lives on beautiful Lake Superior with his wife and daughter.


Dining times & reservations: Dining times are 6:00, 6:15, and 6:30 PM.

Reservations are needed and we recommend letting us know early, as our small, intimate dining area only has seating for about 20 guests. Call us at 218.388.2292 or  e-mail us at stay@bearskin.com Anyone is welcome to dine at Bearskin Lodge, although we try to give our guests first priority and notice for dining events. Our menu changes frequently. When you call to reserve your dining, we will take an e-mail address and contact you about the upcoming week’s entrée choices.

2015-2016 winter dining dates (menu is available when the date becomes a link):

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