Employment Opportunities At Bearskin Lodge

Bearskin Lodge is the premier family resort located on the famous Gunflint Trail, about 26 miles from the town of Grand Marais, MN. We are on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Right outside our door are a million and a half acres of pristine lakes and rivers. Our facilities are the best available.

It takes much hard work by dedicated staff to maintain the quality of service our guests have come to expect. If you are interested in joining the Bearskin staff, we would like to hear from you! Fill out our job application and forward it to us. The application is found linked to this page at the bottom.

 Apply here.

Important!  Before applying please click here to read this information page.  Not everyone will be happy working at Bearskin.  See if you’re well-suited to living here before you apply. >



FYI–computer scams:  Some of the hottest computer virus scams of this era are letters sent to businesses with the appearance of being a job application.  We don’t dare open those. Do follow our application procedures if you’d like to work here, because if you do it differently we probably will think your application is a scam and won’t even open your e-mail.

Couples Employment Spring 2016 – Spring 2017

We like to employ couples, because they always have a friend to be with. Looking towards 2016 we would like to find a couple by next spring where the partners offer some of the following much needed skills, in addition to being able to work at the front desk and assist with daily housekeeping tasks.  These are high energy positions, requiring very physically active employees.  Many of our jobs require a fair amount of lifting, so applicants must be strong and not be injury-prone:
  • food service experience–ability to run a occasional or frequent restaurant service, order food, and maintain kitchen to high standards
  • experience and enjoyment of routine resort repairs — painting, fixing, minor plumbing, maybe even some remodeling skills
  • experience and an interest in doing regular web work–Wordpress maintenance, Google Analytics, web site updates, Facebook updates; we don’t need an expert, but we do need someone with a little background in this who can help, or someone with outstanding writing abilities plus the ability to learn web skills easily.
  • housekeeping management — we’d like to find someone who gets joy out of managing housekeeping, to take some of the burden off the staff member who shoulders most of this responsibility
  • outdoor work skills — previous experience driving a snowplow, safely running a chain saw or a wood splitter, knowledge of how to drive a snowmobile

We don’t expect to find a couple who could fill all of these roles (although that would be very cool), but we’d like to fill a few gaps.  If you might be that couple, let’s talk. Nice private housing, a great way to experience living on the Gunflint.  We prefer a 1 year commitment from this couple, but of course you can stay longer if you love it!


Long-term employment goals — looking towards the future

Over time we are hoping to hire people who want to stay for a year or more, become part of our Bearskin “family” of happy employees,  and who will might be willing to make a long term commitment to living on the Gunflint Trail. The following is a list of job skills we eventually wish to fill with permanent employees.  Please note: these jobs are not necessarily available right now.  We are collecting names and info so that when the next job opening becomes available we have a high-quality group of potential employees who have expressed their interest and provided their info.
 If you are interested in the Gunflint Trail life, and you possess these skills, consider sending us an application to keep on file.
1.  **Housekeeper, with management potential —  Highest need for upcoming year. Experienced, detail-oriented, sensible housekeeper with previous hotel/resort experience or, just as good, a natural skill for organizing and cleaning.  Needs the ability to get along well with others with minimal drama, and to willingly lead and teach a team of less-experienced, probably younger summer employees.  Self-directed and able to see what needs to be done, and then take charge to do it. If you like housekeeping and would enjoy being focused on this process,  you have a skill that would get our attention right now.
2.  Creative food service person — do you love to cook?  Would you like to cook and bake at Bearskin, run our weekly restaurant, and make management decisions about offering and ordering food? We don’t have a need for a full-time cook/baker, but we would really like to find an employee for other positions who also enjoys creative kitchen work.
3. All-purpose general resort maintenance employee — self-directed, independent worker responsible for routine daily indoor and outdoor maintenance of our cabins, lodges, boats and canoes, campground, trails, and resort equipment.  Especially interested in a future employee with real skills, who comes with some knowledge of woodworking, plumbing, electricity, or boat and equipment motors on a small scale.  There is a great deal of lifting and physical effort required in this position –the applicant needs to be very physically fit.
Do all  of these jobs sound like fun to you?  Our ideal employees cross-train so they can occasionally fill other positions.  Let us know if you are a flexible employee with interests in several areas.
After a trial period, benefits may be offered to the right candidate.  On site housing is available.  Salary to be determined based on experience and potential. 
If interested, e-mail sue@bearskin.com with a cover letter describing experience and skills; include a resume if possible.  No phone calls or visits at this time, please. 
E-mail us first.





Summer Jobs 2016 | apply starting in January

What you need to know before you apply:  We will begin hiring staff for next summer in January 2016.  Please read the employment information linked to this page before you apply. 

Looking for summer housekeeping, front desk, and outfitting staff.  

1.  Front desk/ housekeeping/outfitting combination job — your day might include teaching a naturalist class,  cleaning a canoe, talking to guests at front desk, and doing housekeeping in a cabin.  We love employees who cheerfully embrace all the jobs we do at a wilderness resort.  Note: everybody, and we do mean everybody, helps with housekeeping sometimes.  Only apply if you are willing to help with all the jobs.

2.  Outdoor maintenance:  Clean canoes and outfitting gear, mow grass, get boats for guests, use and take care of power tools, paint buildings, care for the campground, put gas in motors, and help with all other resort jobs. Must be independent, self-directed employee with the right clothes and attitude to work outside much of the time.  Ideal candidate for this position will also be able to cheerfully help with front desk and housekeeping duties.

3.  Housekeepers:  detail-oriented employees to keep our beautiful cabins in top shape for the next arrivals. Can be combined with other jobs, or if you prefer to always stay behind the scenes could be full-time in the housekeeping department.

4.  Naturalist:  part-time position that will be combined with other resort jobs this year.  Teach classes, take guests on hikes, and direct the naturalist program 3 days a week; help with other resort jobs for 2 days.  Good communication or teaching skills essential. In 2015 we had someone in this position who was an artist and could teach actual painting classes; we’d be very excited to repeat that experience. Position can be used as college internship if needed.

It is essential when you apply that you provide us with accurate ending dates for your summer availability.  If you will be returning to college after the summer, check your college’s 2016 calendar before you apply.  We don’t hire “extra” people like larger resorts often do, planning that a certain percentage of employees will quit or get fired. We truly intend to keep you all summer if you are hired here.  We choose our staff based on employing the correct number of people to get us through the season, so ending dates are very important.  As is the case with all summer jobs, choosing to leave Bearskin earlier than your contractual end date leaves your co-workers and employers overworked and unhappy. Please decide on the right end date from the time you apply.

If you think you’d be a good match for Bearskin, fill out the application linked to this page. Be sure to include references. We will call or e-mail them before we hire you. A good cover letter explaining your interest in Bearskin employment helps set your application apart — tell us more about yourself.

We try to do in-person interviews, but in case we can’t meet with you, it always helps if a picture is included with your application.  It may be the only way we “meet” before you apply. 

We pay an hourly wage, not a set “per month” salary.  We adhere to fair employment practices.  You will not be asked to work a large number of unexpected hours, and if circumstances require many more hours, you will be paid well for your extra time. 


Before applying please read this page >