Employment Opportunities At Bearskin Lodge

Bearskin Lodge is the premier family resort located on the famous Gunflint Trail, about 26 miles from the town of Grand Marais, MN. We are on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Right outside our door are a million and a half acres of pristine lakes and rivers. Our facilities are the best available.

It takes much hard work by dedicated staff to maintain the quality of service our guests have come to expect. If you are interested in joining the Bearskin staff, we would like to hear from you! Fill out our job application and forward it to us. The application is found linked to this page at the bottom.

 Important!  Before applying please click here to read this information page.  Not everyone will be happy working at Bearskin.  See if you’re well-suited to living here before you apply. >


Spring 2015 — Bearskin is hiring for full-time jobs

Significant employee restructuring at Bearskin going on in Spring 2015.  Full time jobs available in April/May 2015.  Looking for permanent employees with resort skills including front desk, front desk management, maintenance, and housekeeping. If you have genuine experience to offer, we may have a great job for you. Ideal situation for people who already know they love living in the northwoods and are willing to make a commitment to stay in this beautiful area.  Housing available, but we are eager to stretch our housing by employing couples or friends who will share an apartment. Do you already live in the area? You are our ideal employee because we know you like it here and are up to the challenge of northwoods living.   If you’re new to the area, read the employee info page here before applying.  To apply, send a cover letter explaining your reasons for being interested in Bearskin and a resume outlining your skills, background, and references to sue@bearskin.com


Long-term permanent positions — looking into the future:

  • All-purpose resort couple Searching for a couple who will commit to stay for at least a year, preferably people who choose to come for the opportunity to live in our beautiful area. This is a good job, but it only works for the long-term if you are active participants in enjoying and embracing this environment.  Need to be very physically active, high energy people willing to do a variety of tasks.  Skills we want to find in our couple would be: excellent people skills; self-directed; detail-oriented, careful workers; good phone and e-mail skills; someone with the ability to repair and fix things and do high quality work;  high energy, dedicated member of our housekeeping te All jobs at Bearskin require employees to go outside in a variety of weather conditions, to be very mobile, to drive, and often to lift things.  If one member of the couple pair could cook or help with food service, this would be an added plus. Both members of the couple would need to work for Bearskin, and both would need to commit to staying with us for a year; we don’t have enough housing now to provide living quarters for people working elsewhere.  Wages negotiable, benefits available. Very nice lakeview apartment possible.


  • Experienced permanent housekeeper  Our director of housekeeping routinely trains in new staff to work at her high standards, but she would be delighted if we found someone who was already good at this and wanted to stay awhile. Nice place to work; we’ll make it worthwhile for you.





Summer Jobs 2015 | apply starting in January

What you need to know before you apply:  We will begin hiring staff for next summer in January 2015.  Please read the employment information linked to this page before you apply. 


Looking for summer housekeeping, front desk, and outfitting staff.  Housing available but there may be an extra bonus if you have a nearby cabin or home where you can reside for the summer. Join us this summer.

It is essential when you apply that you provide us with accurate ending dates for your summer availability.  If you will be returning to college after the summer, check your college’s 2015 calendar before you apply.  We don’t hire “extra” people like larger resorts often do, planning that a certain percentage of employees will quit or get fired. We truly intend to keep you all summer if you are hired here.  We choose our staff based on employing the correct number of people to get us through the season, so ending dates are very important.  As is the case with all summer jobs, choosing to leave Bearskin earlier than your contractual end date leaves your co-workers and employers overworked and unhappy. Please decide on the right end date from the time you apply.

If you think you’d be a good match for Bearskin, fill out the application linked to this page. Be sure to include references. We will call or e-mail them before we hire you. A good cover letter explaining your interest in Bearskin employment helps set your application apart — tell us more about yourself.

We try to do in-person interviews, but in case we can’t meet with you, it always helps if a picture is included with your application.  It may be the only way we “meet” before you apply. 

We pay an hourly wage, not a set “per month” salary.  We adhere to fair employment practices.  You will not be asked to work a large number of unexpected hours, and if circumstances require many more hours, you will be paid well for your extra time. 


Before applying please read this page >