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First snow!

Monday, November 5th, 2007


The view out of the upstairs window of the Big Staff House this morning was a complete surprise.  I love looking at the lake each day out this window (in spite of it being a funky old paint-spattered window) because the view of East Bearskin Lake from this spot is exceptionally gorgeous and ever-changing — one of the secrets of Bearskin staff housing.

I had no idea it was snowing last night, so that first glimpse of the snow-coated, white tree branches was totally unexpected. 

The first “real” snow has shifted the entire Bearskin staff into fast forward on the winter chores.  Of course, we have gradually been changing to winter mode, but today’s snow seems to have inspired more serious winter preparations.  The last boat came out of the water (“The water was too cold, should have done that last week!”), the few remaining floating docks were pulled in, the plow truck is being readied for action and, of course, the final preparations and maintenance chores are being done on the Pisten Bully. 

Saturday and Sunday were truly beautiful fall days on the Gunflint Trail, among the best ever.  On Monday fall was over. Welcome to winter.

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