Yoo-hoo, Bearskin — anybody there?

Wondering why we don't answer the phone today?  Wishing we'd respond to an e-mail you sent this morning?    We are incommunicado at the moment.

The meltdown of a fiber optic cable in Duluth has left much of the North Shore without phone services, including the area's major internet service provider, Boreal.  We are able to get on the web via our satellite internet, but can't access our Boreal e-mail or receive phone calls.  It's been a very quiet afternoon!

The Duluth News Tribune reports that crews hope to have the cable repaired "today."  Or not.

Some after thoughts:  This incident should be food for thought for anyone who questions this country's need to invest more money in the communications infrastructure servicing extremely remote areas.  The accidental meltdown of one cable in Duluth shut down all communications for much of NE Minnesota for most of a day.  There might not be many of us up here, but the emergency, business, and personal communications for a huge section of the state should not be dependent on only one  wire.

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