Unheard of in this economy — a price that is going down

Every cabin or lodge at Bearskin has its prime season, a time of year when its invariably booked solid. Oddly, it’s not the same for all of them.  The lodge units fill up slowly during the summer, but during ski season in January and February they are by far the most popular.  Cabin 4 fills up with fishermen in May and June, and cabin 2 is always busy during honeymoon seasons. Cabins 1 – 11 are booked nonstop during summer, but then Cabins 9,10, and 11 continue to be reserved a year ahead for autumn.  Bearskin was designed to have the perfect cabins for each unique season.

Traditionally Bearskin sets the final winter rates in October.  We aren’t done figuring them out yet, but as anyone could guess in this economy, the increasingly high costs of the fuel and electricity for this winter concern us greatly.  Bearskin is the finest ski destination in the Upper Midwest, but that experience of living and skiing in a winter paradise requires a lot of energy use.  We’ve discussed closing some cabins, fuel surcharges and all sorts of options we don’t like, without settling on anything but this:  it’s foolish to heat unused cabins over the winter — either close them or encourage people to enjoy them.

The “seasons” for Cabins 9, 10 & 11 are spring, summer and fall.  They are in high demand on holiday weekends but they are not well used for the remainder of winter, which is a shame because they are not only the most gorgeous cabins on the Gunflint Trail but they are also our most energy efficient cabins.   Overall skiers seem less interested in a beautiful cabin and more interested in a good price.  Cabins 9, 10 and 11 have not been a winter bargain.

That’s going to change as of January 5, 2009.  The rates for Cabins 9, 10 & 11 will be going down $100/night for winter.  In addition, we’re going to base the winter rates for those three cabins on 4 people, rather than on 2 people. (This change excludes holidays–the weekend after Christmas, Martin Luther King weekend, and President’s weekend.  The demand for those holidays is so high that we could rent 10 times the cabins if we had them at any price.) The loveliest winter location on the Gunflint Trail just became much more affordable.  If we’re going to heat those cabins all winter, we’d like skiers in there enjoying the cozy warmth!

If you read this blog, you’re the first to know about this rate change. The rest of the winter rates aren’t out yet; the info won’t be published until mid-October.  If you’re thinking about a winter ski or snowshoe vacation, consider reserving 9, 10 or 11 now at the lower rate while there are still ample openings for prime dates.  To help you with your planning, don’t forget that there will again be complimentary sleigh rides on Wednesday nights.  Dog sled rides and fine dining will be available on weekends.  And 77 K of beautifully groomed ski trails will be right outside your door every day of the week.  Come to Bearskin to experience winter as it should be.


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