New snow!


It snowed yesterday.  Really, really snowed.  It started to snow lightly around noon.  By 2 PM we were encouraging our employees who had to drive a distance to head home.  Those of us who remained had a very quiet afternoon in the lodge, watching the big snowflakes tumbling and blowing all afternoon.  By dinner time it was snowing hard enough that it was difficult to see the lake.  Late in the night the moonglow started to light up East Bearskin Lake and we knew the snow must have stopped.

Today it's a winter wonderland again.  Blowing and drifting makes it hard to judge exactly how much snow actually fell, but everyone who is out there clearing the new snow off our paths and roadways says it's around 12 inches. 

Trails had become a bit icy this past week, so this will be an opportunity to start over with newly groomed trails. It should be a beautiful weekend at Bearskin, at least for folks who love snow.

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