Mush for a Cure



Yesterday was an exciting day on the Trail as 33 mushers, including Bearskin musher Erik Simula,  participated in    Mush for a Cure is an annual dog sled event to raise money for breast cancer research.  Everyone was getting into the spirit from men in pink brassieres to dogs in pink tutus.  Erik was not wearing pink, but he was sporting a Bearskin Lodge T-shirt, which we think was also a good choice!

 At the start of the race, the mushers have to be in their sleeping bags with their boots off. At the sound of the gun, they quickly throw on their boots and start hitching up the dogs.  It is a thrilling beginning, even for those mushers who don’t have to chase down a runaway dog right before the start. (Yup, that was Erik. But he quickly pulled into the lead and was the first across the Gunflint.) 


Probably the most surprising aspect of the event was the weather.  The high yesterday was 51 degrees!  Although the warm sun was pleasant for the spectators, many of the dogs looked like they wished they could take off their coats too.

Mush for a Cure is a very fun event which is growing every year.  There are many besides the race itself, so consider staying with us for the 2010 Mush for a Cure!

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