Moose viewing reports

Here is the picture I wanted to post in the Bearskin Blog:  a picture taken on the point between the north and south arms of East Bearskin Lake of a moose cow nursing her two newborn calves.  It  definitely would have been possible to take this photo, because a number of people observed this scene yesterday afternoon.  Handegards, who visit here twice every summer and know the lake well, saw the moose family a couple times and told us to head down the lake with a camera.  Of course, by the time we arrived the new mother had moved.  That was because Bob was along.

For as long as we've been up here, whenever we venture out anywhere Bob says, "I'd really like to see a moose today.  Or a bear."  He says that virtually every time, without fail.  The one certain truth in life is that Bob never sees a moose.  Or a bear.  It is guaranteed that if Bob is along, there will be no animal sightings.  It's a gift he has.


Which is too bad, because everyone else is seeing animals like crazy. Moose, bear, wolf and fox sightings in this area of the Gunflint Trail are very common year 'round, but there's probably no better time than late May and early June to find one of these creatures out in the open, practically posing for photos. 

It's an especially good time of year to spot gangly young moose, usually acting a bit dazed, confused and lonely.  Moose teenagers get the boot before new babies come along and for awhile, it's hard to be them.  They don't have a clue how to be a proper moose yet, so they stand in the middle of roadways and paths longingly eyeing people and cars and who knows what else in hopes that one of them will turn out to be mama.  That never really works out too well. Eventually they seem to figure out that trying to survive by licking the road and yearning for mother isn't going to cut it, but until they wise up it makes for pretty good moose viewing in the area. 

We're hearing reports of several of these befuddled adolescents nearby now. Maybe we'll get lucky and get a photo — as long as Bob doesn't come along.


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