Looking for updates on our ski trails?


You asked for it, we did it. Finally!


 You can now check for regular updates on the Central Gunflint Ski Trail system on this page:  http://bearskintrailreports.wordpress.com/


The link to this page can be found on the lefthand side of the Bearskin website at www.bearskin.com, but you might also want to put the link into your bookmarks or favorite places.  For the time being this is actually a WordPress blog site, set up so any of our staff members can easily get in and add current information without affecting our main (rather finicky) website.  We think it will be easy enough for you to find and should soon also come up under search engines.  The blog format should make it possible for updates to be very regular.


Do you have an opinion on grooming or ski conditions?  Do you recall a memorable ski experience on one of these trails?  You have the option to contribute to reports in the comments section of every post or in the links to the individual trails.  You may add a current update or an old story.  We also have room for pictures if you'd like to share.  If you add something, you will find there will be up to a 24 hour delay before it appears, so don't worry if a comment or picture you add doesn't immediately appear. We need the delay to filter out all the worthless junk that will make its way into our website if we don't check the content first. We promise not to lose your thoughts or pictures in cyberspace. 🙂


This is a work in progress.  We plan to add more and better maps of every trail, as well as pictures and more detailed descriptions. Last year a guest suggested that we take regular pictures of the updated ski map in the lobby, and we plan to also add that feature eventually.   Feel free to help us make this the best reference on the web for skiing at Bearskin Lodge and the Central Gunflint Ski Trail System.



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