Living the Dream — the Sequel

Not long after we bought Bearskin Lodge in 2007, we posted a blog about buying a resort to “live the dream.”  As an example of how idyllic resort life truly is, we included this picture of Bob heading down into a septic system while assorted paid maintenance people stood by and watched.

Living the dream -- Part 1

Three and a half years later, life on the Gunflint Trail for Bob is even better.  Below is a picture from today’s project, fixing two underground water lines between the hot tub house and cabins 9-11 that recently sprung leaks.  Now look who gets to stand around watching while somebody else heads down into a disgusting hole.  Bob and Dave Tuttle make excellent supervisors while Quinn digs, digs, digs.  Doesn’t get any better than that.

This is why we had kids, right?

Living the dream -- Part 2

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