A quiet week — with great snow conditions!


Following an extremely busy holiday season, Bearskin life has slowed down a bit for a week or so.  After everyone almost universally has some days off  during the holidays, it seems that most folks have to go back and accomplish a few things at work before they opt for another vacation.  If you like your cross country ski vacations to be quiet and the trails to be uncrowded, the first two weeks of January are a great choice.

 What people are missing this week  is, as guest John Stonhouse said today, "The best snow I’ve ever seen."  See the Bearskin Trail Report for more of John's comments on current trail conditions. http://bearskintrailreports.wordpress.com/ 


We  are appreciating the slower pace and the time to catch up. The days surrounding the holidays up through last weekend were as busy as the wildest days of prime summer.  We fell behind on everything.  Now, wood racks need to be filled, paths need to be blown out a bit wider, and we need to get caught up on general housekeeping chores. Miscellaneous problems, like the mysterious icy blight of the door to dear little cabin 2, need to be solved.  So a bit of downtime now is a good thing. All too soon it will be busy again.


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