Behold the lilies of the field…


… And the lupines of the field.  As well as the daises and the yellow hawkweed of the field.  And all the other magnificent wildflowers on the Gunflint Trail this year.

"Lupines ""

 Maybe it was the snowy winter.  Perhaps it was the late spring.  One could even make a case for it being the rainy spring in 2008.  Whatever the reason, the wildflowers this year are magnificent, possibly the best in a decade according to some Bearskin guests.  Every roadside, every grassy hill, every sunny spot is covered this year with dazzling color.  All the flowers seem to be blooming at once, instead of over an extended time period, and they are extraordinarily numerous.  Bearskin is always beautiful, but this year's vibrant color makes it even more so.

Thanks to John Finnegan for his exceptional  photos.

Context affects the meaning and usage of words.

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