New posts from Erik Simula on Arrowhead Journey

Erik Simula's 1000 mile birch bark canoe journey across the Arrowhead continues.  The most recent leg of his journey was hard on the birch bark canoe.  He had one very close call when he felt fortunate that the canoe did not split in half. According to Erik's father, Vern, the bottom of the canoe now has some serious splits. We have two more of Erik's birch bark canoes here at Bearskin.  We are wondering if perhaps at some point Erik will have to substitue another canoe.

Erik  has not been able to reach a computer, so he mailed us pages from his journal to post on.  

According to local historian Larry Luukkonen, author of Between the Waters, the last officially recorded excursion to complete the Northwest Trail (Lake Superior to Mississippi River via Savanna Portage) in a birch bark canoe was made in 1878 by Minnesota State Geologist Newton H. Winchell, 131 years ago.  Very few others have traveled this route since that time.  That's apparent when you read Erik's — this has not been an easily passable route.


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