Mushing at Bearskin

Mushing for 2018: Our long-time musher, Erik, has decided to retire from mushing.  Those of you who follow this may remember that last year two of his dogs suffered injuries, and the year before the beloved Kitagen, the dog who made the Arrowhead Journey with him and who was the mother of the rest of the team, passed away.  At this juncture in his life, Erik has decided to move on to experience new adventures. He will be missed at Bearskin.

Bearskin is searching for a new musher, but Erik is a hard act to follow.  Erik was not only skilled with dogs, he was also an articulate educator who excelled at interpersonal interactions. We hope to eventually find someone with similar characteristics.  It could be a while before we find the perfect replacement.  We’ll keep you posted on this page.

Update: We haven’t found the ideal new musher yet for this winter, but we have some good leads for 2019.  If you are staying with us and want a dog sled trip, call us and we will help you arrange your adventure with one of the few remaining area mushers.

If you are staying elsewhere, as far as we know there are only two mushers left who give tours in Cook County this winter.  Both are booked very far into the future.  We encourage you to make plans for a dog sled trip several weeks in advance.  Or come and see us next year!